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For my TV to-upload list, check the Blog.

Working on:
~ The Colbert Report 2005-2014
~ Totally Spies
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My TV to-upload list

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It might be blog abuse, but my status is too small..

I'm checking every day for missed episodes/versions of:
- Sonic Boom (SD/HD) ON BREAK
- Star vs. the Forces of Evil (SD/FHD) AIRING MO
- Steven Universe (SD/HD) RETURNS JULY 18TH
- The Amazing World of Gumball (SD/HD) RETURNS AUGUST 26TH (NL)
- Timber Kings (SD) ON BREAK

Complete Seasons:
Mighty Magiswords Season 1 HD
MXC Season 5 SD
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide S03 SD
The Suite Life on Deck S01 SD
The Suite Life on Deck S02 1080p TSXT
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody S01 SD
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody S02 SD
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody S03 SD
Totally Spies! S01 Season 1 SD TSXT
Totally Spies! S02 Season 2 SD TSXT
Totally Spies! S03 Season 3 SD TSXT
Totally Spies! S05 Season 5 SD TSXT
Totally Spies! S06 Season 6 SD
Totally Spies! S06 Season 6 HD


If your favorite show is not picked up by another uploader or the scene, feel free to send me a PM, request or comment. I will only add your show to the list if there is enough demand (= enough seeders for at least a week or two). My bandwith can't handle complete TV seasons, but if you're lucky I might be able to upload it.

Also, if nobody uploaded a certain episode of some TV show, feel also free to send me a PM, request or comment. Please include the name of the TV show, what channel it airs (+ country), the airdate and if available, the episode title or guest.

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The Wall

Misseps! Sent you a PM again :)
SU Leaks in 2 days... (maybe 1...)
So are you still doing the "simple +1 or -1 guesses" to get the CARE ID and the content ID for the stuffs of yet-to-be-aired episodes, or you found a faster way?
BTW do you have a CN German feed (just in case)?
+40/-40 guesses and getting the TVE master page (with synopsis, airdate, etc).
Check your PM for a stream
So no English audio I guess?
Probably not. If you´re around Europe, you could also set up a sattelite box with cardsharing. I don´t exactly know how to do that and also don´t have the equipment to do so.
Can you tell me how to get full episodes ? I did learn to use the CARE ID to get 2 minute videos.

Last edited by moogii99, yesterday

1. Get HLS URL
2. Login on cartoonnetwork.com with a tv provider
3. Get token API link
4. Manipulate token API link
5. Add HLS url to token
6. Rip it


1. Login to twctv.com
2. Play video
3. Copy stream URL and rip it
Do you have a TWC ID if you do can I use it?
I can't use the first method because i don't live in US
well i don't understand the first method.

Last edited by moogii99, yesterday

A Portuguese-speaking Steven Universe fan posted this description of Monster Reunion: "Steven e as gems recrutam um exercito"

It fits the title pretty well, but I'm not gonna take it as true unless there's a way to verify it. Could you check Central and South America TV guides for this?
No new airings of Steven Universe in July or August in LA

Last edited by misseps, 2 days ago

My New Wand & Ludo in the Wild = 3x1ab is OUT NOW for SvTFoE.

I might honestly predict from yours... It will be up at 4am today in EST / 4pm in Manila (that's 1 hour after the new EP released on WDXD Website right now). Am i honestly wrong? Feel free to check ASAP.

Last edited by allypinkie, 3 days ago

Comment is deleted
Why don't you try actually asking the UPLOADER? (hint: I uploaded three)
they did animariley.
Comment is deleted
Dude. GIVE ME TIME. I can't be on 24/7.
Comment is deleted
I don't have the rest. I even lost the shorts torrent. Literally everything I've uploaded is available on YouTube so I'd you desperately want it on your computer there are plenty of ways to download them.

Do you think you could find a way to get preairs for Japanese TV shows? For example, the Japanese premiers of Pokemon.
Do you have a site where they officially upload them?
No, but maybe I can find a Japanese fan who knows of one. I'll tell you if I find anything.

I know that Pokemon airs on TV Tokyo, but that channel's website doesn't seem to host videos.

Will you post the new Star vs the Forces of Evil episodes tomorrow?

PS: What time are they officially airing?
If they're not already released by the time WDXD makes them available, yes.
I think 10:30AM EST, but they might be put up early like Wander Over Yonder (3AM EST).

Last edited by misseps, 3 days ago

Gumball is airing new episodes in Latin America on Mondays, not sure what time though because I can't seem to find schedules.

Are you able to record them?
I can help you with that! Feel free to send me a message anytime :)
The Comic
The Romantic
The Upload
According to the schedules (Mondays at 6PM). No new episodes as it seems.

Last edited by misseps, 4 days ago

Do you happen to know how to view all unlisted videos on a particular YouTube channel?
I don't think that's possible unless you have the URL.
YouTube is a much more protective site than you think it is.

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