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A A E L F imageQ U E S T
~ The bestest comix evarrrr!!! Fanboying since 1990 ~

The Wall

Your vision is clear,and your comments were correct.
I don't know about vision... I find that I kinda need reading glasses to see small print these days. But I know my comments were correct; that's why I said them.

thank you for some very interesting uploads.
3dm can beat denuvo???????????
Ps3 and Xbox 360 emulators will come???????????
could you please compile up PERSON OF INTEREST complete series for us??
I don't watch that series. I basically only post series or movies I own on Bluray or DVD, or if it's something I want to keep a copy for myself as well after downloading.

Enjoying the game of thrones & thank you
Good Day Mate !! smilesmile

Hey Denimpatch!

Congratz Mate On reaching 18k Points !!
Oh yeah. Not that I really care about the total... more about how individual torrents fare.

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