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First of all read the Site rules if you haven't:


Please read this thread & Be safe :

Thread: Phishing attempts

If you are a beginner please read this beginners guide thread:

Thread: The Beginners Guide To The Site

If you want to upload at KAT check this tutorial:

Thread: How To Upload & Seed A Torrent With Utorrent Client

Want to be a Verified Uploader? Check here:

Thread: So you want to be a Verified Uploader V3

If do not know how to upload Images check here:

Thread: How to Upload and Post Wallpaper or Picture (in Large)

If you want to request something then request here:

torrent requests

Want to do some coloring on your text read this tutorial:

Thread: How to Make ur Link Address Larger and Colorful

Want to grab a good torrent, watch this tutorial:

Thread: How to spot a good torrent and download it !!!!

If you want to know more check these 3 threads:

Thread: Menu - Thhaque's Tutorials links ,

Thread: Menu - Links To Complete Sets Of Tutorials ,Rules,n Other Tech Stuff Required here on KAT

& Thread: Menu - sundox's tutorials

If you want more things to learn just check below links, you will find more useful tutorials:

The Wall

Just Wanted To Say Good Morning And Great Day To All My Friendspirate
Thanks for the add!
hi bro loveliness just stopping by to say hi wave
hope ur well and family good to ..take care bro..lisa xx
hi Thhaque
initaly thank you for the GTA5 cheers!!

When I try to start a mission Federal Investigation Bureau the background stay dark in small working circle in right part of screen. It takes a lot of time, and mission can't play, the circle is still working, but nothing else. But Game is not tottaly crash, beacuse when i press ALT+F4 ask me about quit without save - so it's still working, uh?

So.. what's the problem in your opinion?

P.S. This bug crashing only with THESE MISSION, never else.
Sorry mate, I haven't had that problem so I can't tell.

on off the best pages and uploader on kickass
keep it up my friend
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