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Thanks for the upvote. I sent you a friend request. Hope you don't mind.
Love your avatar! From the "Hateful 8", a great movie!!
Thanks. I thought it was a great movie too. Just wish I could have seen it in the theaters.

Hello SoupSandwich873 . This time I didn't bring you soup neither a sandwitch chuckle, I just wanted to show you how we celebrate the Easter traditionally. Enjoy it. biggrin


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I don't work in legal nor do I work in an administrative job. You thinking that one would have to work in those specific fields shows how out of touch you are with the current military.

You don't discuss specifics in your stories, such as timelines or any other identifying information about what you were supposedly doing for the sole reason that you wouldn't want to give anyone the chance to call you on your bullshit.

Everything I wrote was backed up and sourced. I didn't really harp too much on the "missions" you claimed to have taken part in. I called you out on the rank you claimed to have achieved, but never would have been if you were actually being employed in an operational capacity. I called you out on the fact that claimed, then try to distance yourself from said claim after I said it wasn't possible, that you were a sniper in the Marines. You were not and could never have been a Marine Scout Sniper as an officer. You never would have been given the title or role of a sniper simply because you were a "good shot." If anything, you wouldn't have earned a shiny badge like any other Marines, from a cook to mortarman...anyone can earn the title of an expert marksman. However, no one would then be called a sniper until they had completed the requisite training.

You alluded that you were in South America as part of the "War on Drugs." You were not and it was illegal to be employed in any such capacity, due to Posse Comitatus, until the 80s.

Your citizenship at the time of enlistment, and most likely your parent's foreign citizenship as well, would have precluded you from a security clearance. EVEN IF you were able to obtain a clearance, it would at the most "secret" which is pretty much "entry level" when it comes to clearances, and you would never have been authorized to know or partake in the situations in which you claim.

You deleted the original blog which allowed both of us to make our case and move on. You were afraid people would make up their own mind and realize you were not truthful. Then you made a new blog intended to look like you dealt with the situation and it was resolved.

Then you had your mod friend claim I was violation some KAT rules and pressure me to apologize. If you think the apology was anything other than the pressure I got from your Mod friend, then you lack the wisdom normally attributed to men of your age.

I did not insult you personally. I stuck to facts and was a man about it. You brought emotion into it and turned it into the drama shit-show it became. At this point you've had enough time to research and try to fabricate a DD-214. It sounds ludicrous, but just google "stolen valor" and see the hundreds of other clowns who feel the need to lie about their otherwise honorable but uneventful service, or those who just lie outright.

I left the situation alone, and then you wrote on my wall. Either let your original post on my wall stay up and let people see what the situation was, or take it down and run to your mod friends for help. Either way, I think we said our piece and can move on.

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Thanks for the add!
No problem. I really dig your blogs.

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