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Can people like, not upload everything just in x265? it's still a prepubescent teen compared to x264. if you're going to upload x265 atleast upload a 264 version instead of forcing users to download x265, unless you like losing users...
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Discovering one's true self...

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Be warned this isn't a story for little ones and if you have something deep down inside about people being with the same gender then this isn’t for you either.

Now that you’ve been warned… This is my coming out story.

I always knew I was different, not different in a bad way but different then how society said I should be. I stopped lying to myself on my trip to visit a friend I made while at Navy boot camp. He very quickly became one of my best friends. People seem to come to terms with their true self while intoxicated with certain beverages. We we’re having a bon fire with the friend I came to visit, his friends, Mark and my friends boyfriend Jeremy. After a few beers and a couple shots of jack and coke I was feeling pretty groovy. After a few more beers we moved the party to my friends boat, he lives on a lake. I remember hitting on Mark and not caring who was around. One thing I remember from that night was when Mark bent over to fix his chair and I remember saying “Oh, I like that view” from what my friends who were there with us tell me I was hitting on him pretty hard The other two went back up by the house and left Mark and me on the boat. Him and me started talking about various things such as school etc. He’s studying public relations at U of M. After a little bit the other two came back and we started where we left off, drinking and smoking cigarettes, after a while I started to rub Mark’s legs with my foot, coming on to him, to my surprise he started rubbing my leg with his hand, the two friends were oblivious to the whole leg rubbing thing. After a few minutes of that my friend that I came to visit started to not feel well because of the alcohol. Needless to say I wasn’t doing good myself seeing as every time I moved or someone else did it rocked the boat, which caused me to throw up, but I didn’t care since me and Mark had a thing going.

Mark knew I was hitting on him; I was making it pretty obvious. I was pretty sure I sealed my fate with him that night because I also remember him saying “We could continue the party at my place and it’s up to you what we do next” Needless to say I was as gitty as a school girl inside hehe, and yes after a few more beers lol me and Mark got in his car and went to his place and did what gays do best.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If you stuck with me to the end then you know more about me then I thought I would tell anyone. If you want me to tell you the story about me and my friends other friend Ross, which is pretty funny, leave it in the comments below. I also have a story of me and my friend going to a gay bar, which had someone from Rupauls drag race putting on a show. Every time I think of it I lmfao.

Word to the wise, hurtful or slanderous comments will be removed and the user will be brought to a SuperMods attention

*Story will be edited with more detail when/if I remember them, so be sure to check back for more.*

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Howdy dear ScribeOfGoD31.28K !!
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Hello dear ScribeOfGoD31.28K !!
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