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If you haven't read before brother Pathos sings that were discovered as facts just in the present time by science, then you're welcome to read nterested in islam, please share with them, it would be a sadaka jaria for you :) inchaa Allah.
Assalam aleykum
Alhamdu Li Allah (thanks to God) I am really so happy for you brother. I didn't notice your comment earlier or else I would have responded immediately. May Allah subhanahu wa taala keeps you and me as well as all muslims on the right path :)
Yes, many people don't understand things and they don't bother themselves in trying to find the truth. They tend to believe the prejudgements and misconceptions and all the lies the media has set. Most people don't read good books. The first verse that was revealed in the Quran is: Read
Once again, Alhamdu li Allah that you reverted to islam :)
avez vous le volume 2 de nymphomaniac II en version Française
ou / nymphomaniac II French avi./Mkv ?

Merci beaucoup ,
Montréal Quebec
Muchas gracias, Pathos, por compartir esta peli (Je fais le mort, Jean-Claude Salomé, 2013)
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