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The Wall

Batman v Superman and 13 Hours will be up next week.

So... delays delays for these uploads, what's been going on?

Well, it's actually pretty simple. My internet is horribly slow, as you've seen in the past (10/.7 - 1.1 MB/s down/80 KB/s up) which takes about 2 days or more to seed/upload a movie. With other people using the internet (myself included) it gets extremely slow. Limiting bandwidth helps, but it's still slow and makes games lag etc. I started seeding at night only, but that's only 6 hours per day, which isn't very much so it was literally taking a week to get a movie uploaded. The solution was to do off site encoding, which is currently unavailable. I will be renting a server soon so I will be able to get back into the swing encoding and upload content for you guys.

I will be working on Batman v Superman EXTENDED and 13 Hours using my computer, first time encoding in months due to internet restrictions. I will also FINALLY get the extras for Man of Steel up, finally. I personally have missed my encodes, since I ONLY watch movies that are either very high quality or encoded by myself. Can't wait to get back into it, since I have literally 40+ movies I have waiting to be encoded, mostly in the action genre, sicne that is what I like.

Quick update now, more later once I get everything figured out. I am NOT quitting, I'll just call this period a burnout phase, since it was getting ridiculous trying to get encodes up with my internet.

I will update my wall when I am officially back, but for now, I will encode these two movies and get em up by next week, since it does take days to upload them

If this seems like a mess, I don't have the time to proof read it or anything, is what it is, just getting it written.


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Enjoy The Weekend My Friend! rock


UEFA Euro 2016 Final
10 July 2016

Thread: Official UEFA Euro 2016
Howdy dear HDD4173 !!
It's weekend already and this week was really fast,...
Wish you a impeccable weekend!!!



Hi, Weekly Update: Time To Vote In The SOTW #59 Contest Poll.
Thank You For Your Support. It Is Most Appreciated.
Thread: The Static "S" SOTW # - GFX Contest Poll viewing Thread.

Thanks For Voting In The SOTW #59 Contest. Please Go Here And Vote Once To Validate This Vote And Future Votes Or Entry Into SOTW.
Thread: * { The Signature Of The Week #:) SOTW & ASOTW - GFX Contest Entry Page } *

Thanks For Your Support.
Aloha dear HDD4173 !!
Dropping by to wish you a formidable weekend!!

Keep going man! Cheer!loveliness
I checked out your releases and tried to figure out why you removed me... I also came across a few issues with your decision to use the tag DVDRip and LOSSLESS in the same release title.... you do realise encoding from a DVD source will always be lossy no matter what white magic you have lol..... also while I'm here thought I'd ask a few queries and also suggest some tips in the future DVDR or DVDRip releases depening on what is inside the non-transparent .iso files you uploaded them in... .
Unfriended me lol

I hope I dint do anything to offend you. My apologies if I did... sending another frwiend reqwest... doing it for the lawls



"So are they friends or not?"
I don't recall ever adding you...... people who add me and then I decline the friend request always say that. I don't understand lol

So no, I did not "unfriend you" I just declined all until I have the time to send a message to each person
No worries champ.. yeah I realise now thats what happened. my apologies , I thought we were already friends because my requests was aaaaaaages ago after revisting some comments you made on the "ask an experienced encoder.." thread hahahaha maybe catch up with you another time then lol.. cheers for the reply :)

Hello dear HDD4173 !!
It's Friday here!!!
image image image image
Wish you a superb weekend!!!

Can I ask about the martian extras only torrent real quick? How come the file is 4 months old, considering the bluray was only just released? I wanna make sure i'm downloading the right thing
The Blu-ray was not "just released". It's been out for months ;)

You are downloading the right torrent

Whoops, my bad! I was looking for the extras from the extended edition (which was released on blu ray this month) it has over 2 hours of behind the scenes footage and a bunch of deleted scenes as well. Sorry for the confusion!
All good :)


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