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The Wall

will you make repack of "under night in birth exe:late"?
Hello FitGirl. Any chance of mirror's edge catalyst?
Obviously no. Try google next time.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Gold Pack (v1.8.0.0 + 2 DLC, MULTI11) [FitGirl Repack]



was star craft 2:nova uploaded ?
not cracked

Any plans for doing Assassin's Creed Unity Repack?
too bad,there arent any decent repack
there is corepack's one
Like Chozza said, no DECENT repack.
how many games i burn on disc and throw in garbage thanks to their ''repacks'' there is also Mr Dj but his a.c.u containts the errors that have not fully update game,even that he says its fully update.And there are others but 37 gb for me is not repack...

Last edited by Chozza, 9 hours ago

Why are you burning them to disks? Just mount them or extract them using 7zip
thats not "decent"...

such a big game .just 6GB DISC Space and a lot of that r audio... hope NO MAN SKY doesnt have Denuvo and it is a DRM free game

Last edited by nihal.kprakash, 22 hours ago

NMS has a GOGversion so it will drm free but might need a real account to access the GOG galaxy to play online
This could be, but as far as i have heard, Multiplayer isn't implemented yet. It's coming later.

Hi there hope you can help but when i try to install space ranger HD after a while in the install i get an error and i have admin rights and no antivirus or other programs running.
You have Windows Defender active.
windows defender is turned off
Got it to work...had to go to safe mode to install..there must have been something still running that i could not find..
Check processes list.

Hey FitGirl!!! I bought digital copy of GTA V but disc number 5 was damaged and now I m not able to install the game. when I asked rockstar about they told me to buy another digital copy. Please help me!!! if I download your repacked gta v, will I be able to use my cd-key and play gta online?? or is there any way to remove crack???
Did you buy it from social club or steam?
actually its found nearly everywhere , mainly in asia . so many pirated dvds are found with cracks . and quite cheap too . but thats the problem you'll most of the times find a disc with a problem , either damaged or non-readable .
what will I do with the pirated game when I have the digital copy?? I just want to download the game I will use my cd-key to activate it!!!
shehabahmed I bought a digital copy of social club!!!

Last edited by z_146, 18 hours ago

I only know how to fix it if it were steam. Maybe u have to download social club and original exe from somewhere and replace FitGirl repack gtx v cracked exe with the original one. Then it might ask for serial key.
not her latest version of the repack because it has the latest update in it and that's with arxan removed so it wouldn't work online even if you have the legit key

Happy 100k rep Fitty.

Mucho Gz.

Last edited by _Malzahar_, yesterday

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