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Going to do Danganronpa S2 (aka Danganronpa 3) this Season.

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Thread: FK99 Release Thread (Anime/Movies/TV)
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This is Me.

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"If you only act on what you should do, without heed for what you want to do, you are nothing more than a machine, a phenomenon. It's not how a human should live." - Natalia Kaminski (Fate/Zero)

Everything has its time, and patience is what I've (probably) honed to be able to aim for the best no matter the time it takes nor the number of times I fail.

Empathy is a little strong with me, so (maybe) I can understand you better, (maybe) I'll also hurt if you're in pain.

I apologize to all who I may have offended and/or hurt, I don't mean any offence to you, I didn't have many friends to learn from nor any to support me, but I manage as best I can, I cope as best I can. The past still haunts me, how I treated people still haunts me, I know nothing can ever change that but please believe me I won't let that or anything like that ever happen again.

I perceive a little too much, than maybe there actually is to perceive, but that's just me, I don't want to, but I can't help it, I'm sorry.

I am a serious person, but I am not meek.

I am human, I err, I learn, I admire, I despise, I desire, I reject, I share and I withhold.


Also, Movies and Music are two huge parts of my life, and I enjoy most TV-shows and Anime.

Now About My Uploads:

I am currently part of a group Uniteam Releases, that bring you A Grade x265 encodes, and honored to be among them, for I haven't met or seen anyone else as dedicated and tireless to give only their best, focusing on quality like no one else. Keeping up to date with every development of x265 like no one else.

Thread: HEVC/x265 Club UniTeam™ Releases

All My Torrents are Seedboxed so asking for Ressed is pointless since they are being seeded 24x7 irrespective of the Tracker stats.

Thread: FK99 Release Thread (Anime/Movies/TV)

I specialize in x265 but I have experience with x264 as well, I'm always looking to learn more, and am happy to teach whatever I know.
Anyone want any help can send me a message or reach me on Telegram (@fkundone). There are also a lot of other people who can help you :

Thread: Ask an Experienced HEVC Encoder Here v1

Thread: Ask an Experienced Encoder Here

For Anime fans this is a great Community where you can come talk and discuss to your heart's desire:

Thread: Kickass Anime Community V.7!

Now here are some Non-UTR members that come highly recommended form me, people outside UTR who's upload I could grab without a second glance:
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The Wall

thanks for accepting me mate looking forward for more anime releases from you biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
Just Wanted To Say Good Morning And Great Day To All My Friendspirate
I can do a lot of stuff and in many ways and there have been requests coming in so I am classifying encodes henceforth into Modes of quality and processing, request accordingly and Download according.

Last edited by FK99, 6 days ago

Well, if I am ever going to request anything from you it is going to be Z Mode always. So watch out.evil
Uhhh.. Not sure if u remember but i did request akame ga kill BEFORE u categorized ur encodes into modes.
So do i need to go request again and specify the mode? (It'll prolly be Y mode btw coz if i remember correctly u did state there was a pre-filtered BD available)
No need to change anything, I won't be changing the names of my previous uploads to fit these categories so it seems just as logical for you to try and implement it from now on.

Yes Akame ga Kill has filtered versions available, so it'll be Y Mode 1080p as per the request.

Can you make a 1080p dual audio release of Haganai and Clannad season 1&2

Last edited by Kevy100, 6 days ago

Thank you very much

Nice new updated wall.... rockrock
Are you still doing season 2 of the Scream TV series? Just curious as that seems to be one of the shows getting taken down with the quickness these days.
I can't find any genuine WEB-DL sources for any episode after episode 03... I'll do it whenever I catch a WEB-DL source...
Gotcha. Much appreciated and I hope you get some rest to enjoy life some :)

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