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*Update July 05: The best cure for after holiday blues is to book another holiday. October can't get here soon enough!*

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For those who don't know me, I am probably one of the biggest book nerds around. I usually specialise in anything Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian books, anything that is crazy or weird, Crime and Spy Thrillers and some historical fiction. I do try and read most of the books I upload but there isn't enough hours in the day to read them all and there is that silly thing called a job (ewwww), that takes away a lot of my time.

I love to joke around so if you have no sense of humour, well... that's just a shame. I can talk your ear off in PM if you let me and believe me, some of my friends will tell you that is probably an understatement. lol

Besides uploading, I love doing requests. I prefer them not being PM'd as they will usually get lost.

If you need any help on anything, have any questions or just need to chat or vent, my PM is always open.


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The Wall

seeeeeeeee didn't I say id sign on and end up seeing you hit yet another milestone lol
Oh hush it! I can't help that I'm a nerd nerdrofl

Congrats on 50K. claprock
You're a KATfather now chuckle (too bad they made it gender specific)
Love that picture clap
I thought it was you! shockedlolcool

Dear BluAwave
My best wishes on thumb_up
and have a good Time.
Oooh, I didn't even notice. Thanks Master-Of-Sun53.54K loveliness

Any other kind of Tuesday would just be boring. titter

There doesn't appear to be a book with your recent Delinquent upload???
I made a booboo. I must have forgotten to add the book to the file. I've deleted the torrent and will reupload with the book included shocked

Thank you so much for letting me know.
Torrent: Delinquent (The Debt Collect... #2) ~ Chuck Buda [BluA]epub

Quite the social butterfly now arn't you? Nerd is the new sexy didn't you know that.titterthumb_up


Yes everybody, this is the real BluAnerdchuckle
That picture was suppose to stay between us! lol

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