Windows 10 "upgrade" plan - Will this work?

StriderVM27 Uploader
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29 October 2015
I just noticed this spare Windows 7 Starter Disc (32 Bit) + Product Key from a really old laptop, so I have this plan......

- Install the legit Windows 7 Starter (32 Bit)
- Opt for the free upgrade to Windows 10
- Get the Windows 10 Product Key after installation.
- Download one of the Windows 10 64-Bit ISOs from this site.
- Use the product key from the earlier legit installation.

Is this plan feasible/possible?

Also my other questions :

Can anyone suggest any Windows 10 ISO in this site that have stripped features but still has Windows App Store? One of my plans is to test out games like Killer Instinct and Forza on the App store but still have lowered disk space and RAM usage from Windows 10.

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