Monthly Music Series

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19 November 2012

What We Do

Each month we pick a theme, choose our favorite songs and create a torrent for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to join us, post a song with in the months theme, discuss new or old music, share something new in the music world, or just post what your jamming to right now

Thread Rules and Guidelines
1. Respect everyone and their tastes in music.
2. No bashing others peoples posts or their votes
3. If you have any questions or issues feel free to PM myself OtisDriftwood51.28K or CoBane16.61K
4. Follow all site rules and have fun!
5. If you're just posting a video let us know what it's for: this months theme, what you're listening too, ect.

Current Album Theme
June: Fire
July: Names

June: Favorite One Hit Wonder - Ram Jam - Black Betty
July: Bands that Need to Reunite: Rage Against the Machine
August: Artists Who Are No Longer With US: Kurt Cobain - Nirvana
April: Movie credit Songs/Ending credit songs: Highway to Hell - AC/DC end of Iron Man III

MMS Playlists
Youtube -
Spotify -

dfblast12.66K Album Reviews
Madrugada – Industrial Silence
The Cure - Pornography
Alice in Chains - Dirt

This weeks album of the week is :Brutus - Wandering Blind

Chosen by: Angers4932.49K


Torrent: [Hard Psych. Rock, Stoner Ro...nd 2016 (Jamal The Moroccan)

Previous MMS Albums


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OtisDriftwood51.28K Super Moderator
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19 November 2012
Whats up everyone!!!! That's right we are back! Lets take the last few days of this month to pick our new torrent topic and poll for next month.

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Angers4932.49K Super User
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24 October 2010
Wow that's great news I had given up hope.
-Shady-42.83K Super User
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26 November 2013
Nice onethump_up it's great to see MMS up and running againbiggrin
CoBane16.61K Uploader
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05 March 2012
I just wanted to come on and publicly apologize to each and every one of you for having to close MMS down the first time, i was unaware that you could simply transfer ownership of the thread over to someone else, had i known this i wouldnt have closed it down.
Now as for the future of MMS...Alas my friends i will simply be an onlooker this time around as my schedule has vastly changed and im no longer to visit the site everyday or even as frequently as i would like to. That being said i have decided to let Opeth take the reigns and run it as he sees fit, sure i will come back and post from time to time but ALL of the decision making now comes from Opeth himself. Im sure he will continue to embody the spirit of what MMS is/was/will become in the past/present/future. Lets give it up to him for wanting to keep this dream alive. Cant wait to see what he has in store for us.
Snagus1993 Uploader
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10 August 2011
IS BACK!rockrockrock
Infinity.21.41K Verified uploader
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18 May 2014
Hey, everyone! Still here, just dropping by. Cool new banners.
I'm guessing that I'll start off the music suggestions here by suggesting this:
Art Tatum - Solos (1940)
wrong user link has a LOT more torrents up of this guy among his recent uploads, and they are well seeded as well, in case you guys liked Tatum and want more. ;)
NeoGeo171213 Uploader
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05 March 2015
Good to see the thread's still alive. I've been working my tail off the last few weeks, have barely been online at all.
191483.72K Super User
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04 December 2010
..was enjoying in last "instrumental" release & hope to see more good quality MMS's with great taste and pick's from kat-users..keep on rockin' pirate
Nemesis8924725 Uploader
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26 August 2012
Thread looks good wrong user link think we did a good job lol. Glad its back up again

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