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07 November 2015
First, I'm a newb here and am not sure where to post this.

I'm looking for a list of overtly sexually themed movies that have a PLOT. These would be movies along the line of "Blue Is the Warmest Color", "Personal Best" and "Nymphomaniac." Graphic, a plus.

Thank You.
rohanpaul1444 Uploader
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12 March 2012
go to imdb, type in these movies, go to its individual pages and you will get a list of suggested similar movies to them and further on search them and you can get movies related to this topic further. Also if you do want specific things such as if there is nudity in the movie or not then check out the parental advisory of the movie on the imdb page of the said movie to know if it has any explicit scenes, that will let you steer clear of non "good stuff" movies

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