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11 June 2016

Hello and welcome to my uploads thread. I will be posting all my uploads here ASAP after I have uploaded them. I am just a noob to uploading torrents and as I teach myself about encoding etc my selection of uploads will grow, so please be patient with me as I learn. smile My uploads will include the following:

Crochet and Knitting PDF's
Mini Series
Music Videos
Tv Series

I will try my best to not duplicate torrents I see on here already. I will be uploading things that take my fancy and that interest me, that I already have in my collections that I know are not already on KAT. I won't be taking requests per-say because I am doing this for my enjoyment, I do have a life offline and I also have other commitments here on KAT. I am also a perfectionist so anything I upload will measure up to MY high standards, I refuse to upload anything until it meets my standard simply because YOU want it NOW. So please enjoy what I do upload and understand that like you I am here for MY own personal enjoyment. I don't cater to people who are rude, have a sense of entitlement, have no respect etc, Sorry!


Please remember to comment, like, rate, and seed my torrents, Thanks. smile

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