Hyton27 Uploader
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12 April 2015
Hi guys! I've been here for some time (even before I registered my account), at least 3 years, I believe. But I didn't use this account, I just had it here. I started using it when I thought that I wanna become an uploader. I am currently uploading HEVC TV series and movies, and maybe non-HEVC packs with TV Series if all the torrents are dead for that series and I have it.

That's it about me. I made this thread mostly to get the Community Noob achievement, but also to introduce myself to you.

See you!
VeeSick10.47K Uploader
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23 May 2012
hi wave welcome to KAT clap and have a great weekend tongue
ColeGM2084 Uploader
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02 December 2014
Hello Hyton27 ; Welcome to the KAT community!

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