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SageArt1769 Uploader
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20 May 2015
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1. Telegram Support Line 1
2. Telegram Group Chat [Formal AKA RG Member Only | PM me if you're a member!]
3. Telegram Group Chat [Lounge]
4. Telegram Release Channel
5. Our Community Site AnimeRockersRG Forum (Join us today)
ARRG Credit TXT Updated 18 No Longer Required to be include in to torrents
" Respected uploaders, for tackling DMCA takedowns, we want you to PM your DMCA'D torrent's number to siddhu99 , so that he can add it here: https://kickass.to/community...rs-rg-dmca-d-torrents-index/
Adding in the OP will help the audiences in following the DMCA'D torrents, as well as, you will be obliged to provide magnet links and cloud hosted .torrent files by getting it assigned in the above mentioned thread's OP, or in any like way. Please ensure, that all your DMCA'D torrents are listed in the thread's OP. Thank you for your efforts. Regards, ARRG."

AnimeRockers.TK (site is up check it out man!)
Encoding Tutorial Site XEncoding.TK
Our Recommended Media Player for Anime
(No Need to include MPC everbody uses it as codec purpose)
1. Km Player
2. Vlc Media Player
3. QQ Player
4. SM Player
5.Cyberlink Power DVD (Highly Recommended for High-end to Mid Range Pc)
6. S player (Highly Recommended for Low end Pc)

SageArt1769 (admin/Recruiter for now!)
siddhu993220 (Recruiter for now!/vice admin/Moderator)

Please, Dear uploaders upload to Extratorrent.cc,Glodls.to,1337x.to,ahashare.com,Crystaltorrents.com get seeders
aliqandil17.47K Patroler*

Most Consistent Uploaders
wrong user link (Uploader)
-Rokey-13.7K (Uploader)
Sehjada18.22K (Uploader)
V.Cleo3175 (Uploader)
lucifer2249.34K (retired)
UzumakiHarish1292 (Uploader) Temporary Doing Any Thing*
We are Searching for members, who might wanna help in seeding.
Any one interested in becoming a part of our RG, can contact recruiters.

Always welcoming new members!!

Uploading Rules! (Click Here) Updated at 07/07/2015
1. Basically, this is the first rule, which is not actually a rule. LOL. Now serious rules ahead.
2. We release complete series,manga,on going series.
3. Manga too follows the same suit.
4. Please don't request anime/manga here. This is the release thread, go [here] for requesting.
5. We'll only release in decent quality, never do bellow 480p resolution.
6. We quickly try to cover-up series. So some batches will have subs and some might be dubs. Please don't ask us to change our medium.
7. Do not, DO NOT post outside links here. (if it isn't related to anime!)
8. No western animation requests please.
9. This is an open group. Members can always join. Please ask SageArt1769 / siddhu993220 for membership details and stuff.
11. Don't PM any member for queries, please go [here---discussion thread].
12. If you want technical details and play back help, go [here].
13. Keep the conversation to a minimum, go to the [discussion thread] for talks.
14. No Porn here, nor is foul language allowed. Swift action will be taken against defaulters.
15. All standard KAT Forum Rules apply here.


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UzumakiHarish1292 Uploader
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16 July 2014
Torrent: [AnimeSubs] [AnimeRocKers-RG... to 12 [720p] English Subbed Tokyo ghoul Root A S2 Complete

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UzumakiHarish1292 Uploader
posts: 33uploads: 13
16 July 2014
Torrent: [AnimeSubs] [AnimeRocKers-RG...o 24 [ 720p ] English Subbed Parasyte complete
-Rokey-13.7K Verified uploader
posts: 165uploads: 282
06 August 2014
Torrent: [AnimeRocKers-RG] Death Para...20p] [English Dubbed][Rokey]

Death Parade Ep 1--Death Seven Darts

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masterpax11017 Uploader
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17 March 2015
Torrent: High School DxD[AnimeRocKers-RG][Masterpax][720p]
Ferezz1379 Uploader
posts: 25uploads: 21
24 February 2014
Torrent: High School DxD[AnimeRocKers-RG][Masterpax][720p]

hey will u plz upload small encoded animes
Gangsta28.28K Super User
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28 May 2014
hey great work peeps keep it up
AniDL788 Uploader
posts: 254uploads: 27
08 April 2013
Torrent: [AniDL] Parasyte-the maxim [480p-TV][10Bit][HS]
Ferezz1379 Uploader
posts: 25uploads: 21
24 February 2014
please PM me your upcoming uploads
siddhu993220 Uploader
posts: 465uploads: 42
28 August 2014
Finally, up with the first upload!!!
Torrent: [AnimeRocKers-RG] Highschool...Dead Complete Box [siddhu99]

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R3L0Ad376 Uploader
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04 April 2014
Torrent: [AnimeRockers-RG] Naruto Sea...ep1-ep35] 480p [English Dub]

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