**Adopt an uploader Program v13-- For all Users to Help**

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Hellboy157.82K KAT Staff
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10 February 2011
The original Adopt an uploader threads were started by hunniboo11.52K some years ago they had an idea for all users throughout the community to help with seeding the torrents of the user that posted them. It became very successful so much so it was pushed aside by the seedbox section with more and more people wanting to help.




1- No more than 2 torrents in 24 hours
2- You MUST have at least 1 seed on your torrent @ 100%, and you must continue to seed your torrent until it has enough seeders on it to sustain it.
3- Please allow at least 2 weeks between posting the same torrent for adoption.
4- This is NOT a reseed thread, if you want a torrent that is not your own upload reseeded, go here
Reseed I Need Seeders
5- Please keep chatting to an absolute minimum
6- Only use the torrent bbcode or widget bbcode, no pictures of what you uploaded or the post will be reported and deleted, and please DO NOT quote long posts, lets try to keep this V13 last longer by not wasting page space.

1- If you connect to a torrent that doesn't complete to 100% , notify the requester about it, if they don't seed it, move on to the next request.
2- Everyone who is offering to Adopt, please do so with a clear conscience, if you offer someone a helping hand and NOT do it, then don't bother posting here. showing off/rep points hunting is not acceptable. if you can help, please do, if not, please don't post that you will.

All XXX here > Adopt An XXX Uploader
Note: if you wonderful adopters can find the space to help out the xxx uploaders, it would be awesome! they can use the extra help there :)...Thanks!
All Flac here > Adopt A FLAC Uploader

Note from Bubanee189.46K : Uploaders who abuse this thread every time they upload something makes the ones who really need help look bad, simply create a Release thread in the Releasers section and leave this Adopt an Uploader thread be, specially Verified Uploaders thank you.

The old threads > Here!..


Edit: Please do not post your torrent if it has more than 15 seeds,because if it had already 15 seeds,then it is being seeded,this thread is to help poorly seeded new uploads,to get them going for others to download,please do not abuse this service by posting uploads that are already seeded...cheers :)

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Hellboy157.82K KAT Staff
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10 February 2011
New rules added above, please READ them carefully before posting, happy torrenting rockrock
Mohiii1974 Verified uploader
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06 August 2011
Need Seed. Left Feedback. Thanks.
vks3916.71K Translator
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08 October 2014
Need Help, thanks
M-A-U-L-I-K3258 Uploader
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10 January 2016
vks3916.71K & Mohiii1974 Got both thump_up New Rules Are aWesomeinlove Last one I suggest yesrock

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SkyEagles2635 Uploader
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30 January 2015
Need Help To Seed This:
Torrent: Foxit_MobilePDF_Business_v3.7.0.0108
M-A-U-L-I-K3258 Uploader
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10 January 2016
GladiatorSam2840 Uploader
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26 September 2014
Need help to seed this
Torrent: The Ellen Show S01 E15 DVDRIP mp4
M-A-U-L-I-K3258 Uploader
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10 January 2016
Aquo.Tube5297 Verified uploader
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14 August 2014
Please Seed these two torrents.

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