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Oh Mai Gad, Pokemon Go!

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Disclaimer: I know I really shouldn't start yapping about this, but I will anyway. Mainly because I'm pissed out of my wits now, but on the other hand, that's just the reason why I'm doing this.
Soberness brings along all kinds of silly doubts: should I, shoudn't I, maybe this, maybe that...

So my thoughts on Pokemon Go!:

Is there such a thing? I wouldn't have known if people here hadn't been yammering about it like it means something. Apparently there is, and it's the end of the world, or a really cool smart phone app, depending on your view. My final verdict: do what you want to do, whatever it is. Other people objections aren't worth anything. Especially when they come from 12-year-old know-it-alls.

By the way, that's just the way fads spread. People talk about them like they're the most important thing in the world, while 95 % of the world population haven't even heard of it, and are better for it.

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Blog: Oh Mai Gad, Pokemon Go!
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