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Video Game Music

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There is something special about Video Game Musics.
Especially Video Game Soundtracks.
I don't know, but VGMs always stick with me more than other songs.
Maybe its because of its Instrumental nature? Since I love Instrumental songs.

There is just something memorable to them..
Maybe its because we keep playing the same level and hear the same song over and over again?
If that's the case, then no wonder this song is stuck on my mind..

Hearing Megalovania over and over again as I try to beat Sans just burned this song into my mind.
Seriously, I think there is a literal mark on my brain right now..
But enough about UNDERTALE, you want to hear about other songs right?
Of course!

Speaking of being played over and over, there are also songs that only play when you press a button or do an action.
Like playing a disk in a jukebox in Minecraft.

But this is memorable because you want to keep hearing that song, you want to restart it.
You take it to you when you build, when you mine, when you farm, when you whatever you're doing in Minecraft..
But, you can also have memories with this song.
I remember the times when I played Minecraft with friends and my brother.
It was honestly fun and addicting, and this song was my favorite so I put it on loop.
I made a redstone contraption that would help me do that.
However... Now that we have complex commands..
I think my little machine is nothing compared to Jetpack Joyride IN MINECRAFT...
I remember my old friends in Minecraft..
There was this guy called "Petebot", he was an owner of a server.
There I also met friends like Filip, he was such a nice guy.
I cannot help but think of him whenever I play Minecraft on a server.
There is also a kid named Aidan Breen, I still have his Skype.
We love to chat but.. Well, we hardly chat anymore.
His busy, I am busy.
And we both rarely play Minecraft anymore..
Heh, friends just come and go.. Don't they..?

Whoops! I was too busy feeling nostalgic of my past..
Heh.. Those were the times..
But lets get back on track..

Surprisingly, even bad games have amazing soundtracks.
Like Sonic '06.

Sonic '06 is notorious for being one of the WORST GAMES OF ALL TIME!
But I just can't stop listening to their soundtrack!
Seriously, no matter how bad a game is.
A good soundtrack is bound to be made into it.
But maybe that's just my Gaming Mind acting biased to Video Game Soundtracks..
Eh, maybe not..

But amazing Video Game Soundtracks aren't limited to just games made for action games.
They branch to other genre's too like RPG's (UNDERTALE) and Puzzle's (Ace Attorney & Professor Layton)

Games have evolved from Text to a full on Interactive Movie with an Orchestra as its soundtrack.
It went from sounding like this:

To this:

Amazing isn't it?
From the distorted 8-Bitish music to the fully orchestrated OBJECTION! That is deserves..
Speaking of Ace Attorney, go play it if you haven't.
Even better, go buy Dual Destinies on iOS!
Seriously, go support Ace Attorney.
Capcom may be a real piece of sh!t, but at least they can make good story-telling games like Ace Attorney.

I can keep talking about games that I know that has amazing Video Game Soundtracks, but that will get boring, won't it?

Anyway.. Guess I must ask you all a question, huh?
Very well!
What is your favorite Music genre?/What is your favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

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Blog: Video Game Music

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In almost every game I turn off the soundtrack music because in almost every game I have played the music has been filler. GTA had an amzing soundtrack at least in volume and it seems thought was put into where songs were placed. Other times music hints at impending victories or disasters and i can do without that. Life doesn't have a sound track and neither should the games I play. JMHO
GTA had licensed music for its soundtrack, no wonder you would like it.
I disagree with your statement on video game soundtracks.
And I disagree with your statement that life doesn't HAVE a soundtrack.
One, it is one of the best parts of any game.
Unless you have been playing AAA Games for your entire life, then you haven't learn to appreciate amazing soundtracks when you see it.
And about that life thing..
Uh.. I have about 200+ songs of VGM in my iPhone and I play it whenever I see fit.


Casually talking to somebody?

Yeeeah... I have everything I need to make my life literally a video game.

Why does that fit so well...?

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