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The Good, The Bad, and Pokemon GO!

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So I have blogged about The Dangers of Pokemon GO!
On how it can make people literally kill themselves..
I would go on to say that that game is the WORST Pokemon Game EVER!
But, maybe its not the worst.
Yes, the servers are buggy and glitchy and they are unreliable.
Yes, the app likes to drain your battery and it can make your Smartphone heat up (A friend told me about it).
Yes, that app has spawned Pokestops in inappropriate places like a Cemetery and THE HOLOCAUST MUSUEM (Still not letting that go).

BUT! For all of the horrible things this app does to you and your phone, it did one thing no game has ever done before.
Actually make people socialize.
I love to criticize and point out the bad things about something before actually seeing the good that it caused.
After I did that to Pokemon GO! and basically b*tch about it until no end, I'll try to find the positives of it.

One that you can see immediately is that it makes people go outside, not that it is anything special.
But when you see kids staying in their rooms rather than going outside, it just makes you relieved that something like this happened.
(But keep watch of your kids when they are playing PGO! outside, seriously, these headlines are coming in more rapidly by the second.)

Secondly, it brings people together.
You can see it right now by going to the local park.
People aren't just there playing and are zombie-like.
They are actually talking to another person, joking, socializing.
Even though that effect has still not hit Indonesia yet (over half of the population don't even know what Nintendo is...)
I am sure that it has hit western and developed countries.

Thirdly, its helps you with your Social Anxiety.
I like to be alone in my house, I am not very social.
But from what I have heard, people who have Social Anxiety are becoming more social through this app.
Which is amazing since people with Social Anxiety usually want to stay in that little hole.
Buuut... Me sh!t talking Pokemon GO! also made me friends at school.
New friends, since I just got in High School...
And they actually agree that Pokemon GO! has some major issues that needs to be fixed by Niantic Labs & Nintendo ASAP.
But hey! That's my opinion, don't let it change yours.

Fourthly, this game is bringing Positivity.
We need more positivity in the World.
But with the constant Shootings, Terrorist Attacks, Mass Murders happening all around The World.
We need that positivity to help our kids not get influenced by it.
I clearly have been Influenced by The Negativity of The World.
Look at me! I like to hate on anything that isn't Indie!
I even have a picture on my Wall that is bad mouthing Mainstream Gamers!
Because I believe that Indie has more originality in their games.
Buuuut... Believing in that something has made me into who I am.
And I don't really plan on changing myself.

And that's about it.. Really...
Pokemon GO! has caused many Casualties, there is no denying that.
So many headlines of Pokemon GO! causing casualties everytime I go to The Internet.
You cannot deny that fact, even if you're an avid Pokemon Fan.
Also, that app is still crap.
It has several bugs and issues that still needs to be patched to be a good game.
But, it is indeed bringing people together.
And that is what matters the most.
The more positivity that we can spread all across The World, the more tolerant and more accepting we will be to others.
Because we humans are just that, Humans.
We are not bigger than another and we sure as hell aren't smaller to another.
We are all equal, and this app is helping us do that..
(Except that it is actually tearing people apart with its #TeamMystic, #TeamInstinct and #TeamValor....
You guys nearly had the perfect social tool... Now you ruined it by splitting people up... facepalm
You still did a good job making people talk to each other though thumb_upbiggrin)

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Blog: The Good, The Bad, and Pokemon GO!

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Reserved to poop bomb your blog...bwahahaha
I might play this app, if I can find a Modded version of it that has Infinity Billion Quadrillion Pokeballs so I can "catch them all" (is that the phrase?), I see my friends who are frequent Internet Users play it and they seem to be having fun (even though one nearly got hit by a car...), I am usually alone and this app might be good for me, it might get me actual real life friends, even though I dislike Pokemon..
Hah, I second that. Unfortunately, I live in a small city and I'm afraid that doesn't have Pokemons at all here. But I would definitely go around my city with a modded version of the app. :D
I live in a small Cul-Se-Dac, so I might need to walk for about 10 KM or even more to even see a Pokemon.

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