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I met a Blog Reader in Real Life!

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You all know how I love to blog right?
There are some people who want me to continue, and there are some people who want me to stop.
But you know what I don't expect?
To meet one of my devout readers in REAL LIFE!
Let me tell you how this story went down..

I just woke up after a restless night trying to find an iPhone charger (didn't find it), when I woke up, I realized that I got a PM from TheFBI0 (Banned for obvious reasons).
I thought to myself, "Oh! This is just another Troll account."
I reported this to Lostmyticket65.72K and LMT immediately banned him.
You know what I didn't expect? To actually have "The FBI" come to my house.

Turns out, that user who was trolling me knew who my father was and has been reading my blogs anonymously since I first got VUL!
I mean.. WOW!
To have someone actually come to your own house after reading and loving what you do, that is just amazing.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you.
He also hates Capitalists, he also hates Copyright, and he also hates people who defend Copyright.
So in a way, he is like me.
Someone who is Anti-Capitalism.
Which is amazing, since I thought I was alone in this war.
But it turns out, I have someone who also hate what I hate! lol
This is just amazing that I have met someone IN REAL LIFE who has the same Ideas as me, who has the same beliefs as me.
Who thinks Big Corps should go and die in a firey pit!

Here's how I met him..
I was playing Civ V as Adolf Hitler (Get triggered), when someone was knocking on the door.
My Mom was yelling at me to open it for her (Since she was in The Bathroom taking a bath (without taking a dump)), so I did and what happened next was one of the most "WTF?" moments of my entire life.
The guy who was in front of the door said "We are from The FBI"
And I was like, "WTF?"

Turns out, he is the husband of my brother's Piano Teacher.
So I stood there quietly as I brought them in.
I am not good at talking to people IRL...
So I froze without knowing what to say, until my mother came to help me smooth things out..

The thing is, he wanted to see ME.
Which is surprising since I don't really go outside to do something worth being wanted to be seen..
But he wanted to see me because of my blogs.

THAT right there is a shock for me, I thought he was joking around until he said this:
"How is Pringlescan?"
Then I KNEW he has followed my blogs since the very beginning.
Since everyone here should already know that Pringles and I love to debate over stupid stuff..
And if you're reading this Pringles, you son of a gun.
I am not posting this to offend you, alright?
Since you're the kind of guy who would take everything literally, I cannot believe I have to type this in just so I can tell you that I am not trying to offend you?
You got that?

He pointed out that he is also a Rebel, like me!
I love to see him have an actual account here at KAT, since that means I will have backup whenever someone debates with me tongue
Also, speaking of having accounts in KAT.
Indonesians usually just download torrents, not upload them.
So its rare that someone like me (who uploads semi-frequently) to be an Indonesian, even at my age!

He talked about how he is also a developer and how he uses a special Coding Language.
He uses the language "Python", which is essentially something that can make you control your entire network.
(Atleast, that is what I got from him...)

Oh, and he also wants to see my PC setup.
(Seriously, this guy wants to know everything related to my tech skills and my equipment, you can say that he is being a rabid fan sweat)

All in all, he sent me a "Friend Request" in Real Life.
I, of course, accepted it.
And gave him a genuine "Thanks for the add!" lol

But seriously, this experience is something wild for me.
I always keep my personal information a large secret.
Sure I have leaked a couple, but not to the extent of finding my house! funk
Only someone who knew my Father very well would know about it.

I want to stay in contact with him, so I gave him my email and Skype address.
My KAT Username is already something he knows about lol

I think I have a picture of him on my Mom's Phone?
But I am not too sure, I will edit this blog if my Mom finds it.

Anyway, thanks for reading!
I will see you next time! Goodbye!
(YAY! A blog that is not controversial for once! lol)

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to tell you.
He frequently uses KAT, but he doesn't use it for anything but downloading torrents.
So that's why he doesn't have an account.

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Blog: I met a Blog Reader in Real Life!

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Rarely we find fans to meet in real life.

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