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Its a long tiring work, not Just Hit

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This is my 12th blog, and I have hit 201 uploads active ones including the deleted 25 (!) I mean eaten by hungry DMCA!

I have seen a few days ago, a blog, stating the process of book uploadings. Yes, I also am a book uploader preferring PDF mostly. And in these days, finding books for free is a hard task. Moreover, the search engines are now more intelligent that they understand the DMCA thirsts and hide contents that can be exploited to get free books that would need to be bought.

Let, me share an experience as both a simple user and an uploader.

In my university days, we used to search by search advanced keys to avail PDF and DOC files from various ftp shown as http servers. Tons of stuffs were there.

One thing still I remember so clearly that is, Once I was in so badly need of a solution manual. What I found was sample 2 chapters. So, I got the idea, to change the chapter number and get the whole book and I got that! Well, that is no more the case today in most cases.

Now as an uploader, I found some very good books in utmost scattered way. There were around 15 books and EACH AND EVERY BOOK PAGES WERE JUST A SEPARATE PAGE WITH SOME WEIRD FILE NAMES.

YES, I MADE THAT HAPPEN. LITERALLY, I OPENED EACH AND EVERY OF THEM AND GOT THEM SEPARATED !!! THAT'S A HACK LOT OF WORK, you know. So, Its really a matter to understand and appreciate the work of the contributing people who waste their time, money, and energy for others whom even they will never know!

I express my gratitude and honor to them. Thanking won't be enough. SALUTE TO YOU ALL, DEAR!

And again, uploading books is not juts a hit to upload, there's a hack lot of novel behind!

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Blog: Its a long tiring work, not Just Hit

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