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Living under a table!

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Hello! All you lovely Katians just want share little something with all of you about currently situation. 1 month ago i order my very own kotatsu to prepare winters coming in a few months as leg heater and watter bottle just isn't enough anymore. I require the heat to function! Them who don't know what kotatsu is it a low heated table with big blanket around it where you sit around on the floor. Quick example down below!
When i lived with parents we had one which i basically lived under winter time, much to annoyance of my parents complaining i turn into a dried tomato eventually! but now i have my own which i use 2 months pay on whoopstitter no judge! my friends fit under too!
Now to the problem.. I live in a very VERY small apartment!
Here is an very similar layout of where live, as can see it's incredible small. Now you maybe looking at big space at the bottom think you could fit a table there easy easy? Wrong yes very!

Here is same picture but with kotatsu (red square)
There is still space down below thouh! Now think that's where i have double bed, couch and desk in space below. It literal maze walk around in the dark i not much of a good interior designerthumb_dwn
This one i renting now is costing a cool 75000¥ a monthcool (700 US dollar i think) I have found apartment 5 kilometre from my university i'm in the process of transferring to! It's around the same size as current home just add 1 more room to the right the same size as the space at the bottom of picture. i intend for this extra one to be bedroom and the space off from the kitchen to dedicate full to my lovely kotatsu and surrounding squish things. The lovely man who will be landlord think idea is just the best goals he has heard and so do i!biggrinbiggrinNearly double the price i am paying now it is big stretch and i know my purse will fell the burn !

I know my decision is in best interest and for the first time in life i don't know what's going to happen, leaves me kind of excited and extreme scared at the same time. Giving up home internet for a few months it will be an experience that will stick with me.
Once again i hope i give little insight of living here and a little information for everyone who consider visiting Japan or maybe live here! peace out wave

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Blog: Living under a table!
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