Are you KIDding with me?

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Have you ever been a kid before? Then what type of a kid were you? A naughty one? Or well behaved? Or a nerd one at school? The one failing all the classes? The bully one? Or the dreamy? punchlollol

Trinketbell8341 : Shy. Alone.
HopenDarkness78.36K : is it all?
Trinketbell8341 : I am quite boring. So yes. It is all. All my colours came alive when I read books.
HopenDarkness78.36K : why would youy be boring.. You are really interesting for me.
Trinketbell8341 : U are gentle to me.
HopenDarkness78.36K : or a gentlewoman?
(so she has been a bibliophile for so long and I really love kidding with her and and and when she told about colours, just these images came to my mind)

SO, kids are the fruit who are born out of love of couples!!.. Or are they big mistakes? lollol
I must be a mistake as mom used to tell me they have found me from a container... (childhood trauma)funkfunkfunk

And I was thinking if I wanna have a kid, or would I really be like my mother if I was/were a mother..
Nope, hell nope..
Just today I had a short talk with my friend that unlike my mom, I would approve if my kid told me s/he was a homosexual.. Why not? but first I need to warn not to make babies at an early age, hmm at least s/he can wait until 18 right?

And here some images which I am thinking that how these users were when they were kids...

RonthePirate5683 , the small one on the right lollol

Sir.Wolf77.06K and his sweet red riding hood shyshy

King_Slender34.15K , (omg he is gonna kill me for that but I cant help it) tittertittertitter

SirSeedsAlot132.67K obviously he doesnt get along with all cats lol

UltraNoodle99.32K and wow the sawksss.. inloveinlove

TheDels25.91K and his Chara crycrylollol

and someone I shouldnt name it here.. lollolloltittertitter

Hey, so post a kid image and your opinion that who you think s/he could be!!!

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Blog: Are you KIDding with me?

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Hope... chucklechucklechuckle
You evil lady. titter
funk at least she didn't post my childhood photo.
Thank the Gods for small mercies..sweat

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you sure?
there you go...
Oh no! Covering my face and peeking through my fingers.
She did it!
I knew I wasnt safe. :P

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