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Made you come in and see, didn't I? you idiots lol.

Been a while, missed you all, so thought i would do a write up/rant/whatever you want to call it, but please be aware that there might be some drinking involved at the time of writing this blog, and by "some" i mean a hell of a lot!

Never been a big drinker, but i find myself tending to a few bottles of whatever i take home with me lately, to be honest, its the only thing that can get me to sleep these days, as i have so much work to do in real life, and on KAT (which i'm on from my phone most of the time)...its been almost a month since i moved into my new place, and the damn thing is still as empty as the day i got here!

Work has been taking up most of my time, doing almost 16-17 hours a day in hopes of finishing the project that i'm working on and getting back to a much more normal and stable life.

on a plus note, i'm loving the fact that i don't have to drive long distances to get to and from work, trading in the car for a motorbike is the best thing ever! fucking freedom, no more traffic jams, no more seat belt fucking peep peep peep peep annoying as hell sound and defo no more getting stressed about being late to any meeting/s i've got...best choice ever.

there will be no cute pictures of little kittens in the blog, so to all you cat lovers...sorry...but i think that i might have adopted a stray cat that lives under an old VW van across the street from where i work...she can't be more than 2 months old and i make sure she gets enough food and water daily...will update more on that story IF i decide to take her home one day...i already have one cat and she rules the kingdom for now.

second glass of whatever it is that im drinking, and i still can't sleep...so here's a challenge for all of you...the most boring post made on this blog that will get me to sleep will get 100 rep points! (of course, the rep points will have to be on credit for now, cause i can't pay)...so go ahead, bore me to death..or at least to sleep and let the best...errr...emmm...yeah...whatever...just do it.

PS: feel free in sending all your boring stories via PM to Maraya2129.42K , and tell her that i said that she should read each and every one and brief me on it...seriously, she loves long stories and enjoys walks on the beach when she's not drooling her idiot head off.

bah bah...bah...b...

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20 minutes into the blog, 16 views so far, not a single post..that makes me the winner of the most boring post in this blog...cause you all fell asleep!...yeeeepppieeeee..i won 100 rep point!

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