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Friendship, understanding community kindness

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I find it hard to find good friends, especially if you have met people in your life that become such good friends, that other friendships seem less valuable.

When I try to make new friends I find out that most of them just don't live up to the expectations that I have. I treat my true friends like kings and queens and would catch a bullet for them.

Is it wrong to expect the same loyalty, kindness, respect and understanding I give in return?

In my experience I have to go through 100 people before I find someone that returns the same feeling of friendship I try to give. And though it is worth it to find that one person, it sure makes it hard when that one person moves out of your life.

Now I soon will lose one of my best buddies, he's moving to another city and public transport to get there is bad.

I just don't feel like finding new friends because of the energy that it takes to find the right people, the amount of people I have to go through and finding out that nobody comes close to the friends I lost.

So how many real friends do you have? Who would catch a bullet for you?

I don't need you to answer this, I just want you to think about what friendship means to you and maybe share how you handle finding the right friends for you.


Have a great weekend everybody! wink


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Blog: Friendship, understanding community kindness

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Thank you for the share Bro, love that
Honestly Cae, I think I have more friends here at KAT (you included), because I am usually an awkward person.
And if things get awkward, I usually act insane.
Which is probably why I like to call myself both a Psychopath and a Sociopath...

Oh, and have a great weekend to you too. yes
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