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Got fooled on KAT on April Fools Day 2014.

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2014: Fooled

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April Fools Day to everyone

Last edited by DexzAery, 2 years and 3 months ago

i got it, but how did i get fooled, i still dont realisesmile
Ah, keep on Fooling me kat, It Never WOrks loltitter
Tomorrow your achievement will disappear, and that will be the April fools joke :P

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I log on religiously 2 or more times EVERY DAY.huffythumb_dwnfubarfingerboosadmad
Ripped Off Once Again
Yeah, I got this achievement and nothing was any different. I think it's just an achievement for being here on april fools day lol
you guys sure get fooled
ok wat is it about?
I got it that day, but what did I do? think

Last edited by Delagodo, 1 year and 3 months ago

A.F never done.
Didn't get this Cheevo, Damn I was in Singapore...
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